How to retrieve a reference Value from a second table in PowerBI?

In some CRM-Systems (customer relationship management) they use seperate tables to store the key-value pairs for listboxes, radiobuttons and checkboxes. The situation can be described as by: we have a customer table that contains a column named GENDER_UID -> this is resolved within a reference table calles UC_TEXT (unicode text). It is linked by the […]

Hash Identifiers

Sometimes it is needed to hash identifiers, as they shouldn’t be readable by users and sometimes the fact that datamodels are faster by joining over integers makes the use of the following function really helpful: This function makes use of a trick – as m-language doesn’t allow a direct hashing. It generates a unique compressed […]

Power BI Calender Script

In order to have a global calendar, that can be shared between multiple datasets – I use the following m-script: