Azure Data Domain Setup

Landingzone Setup The data domain landing zone consists of: This data domain is currently able of hosting data products of the type: Management Ressource Group Service Principal Key Vault Storage Account The platform team deploys this storage account, so that the domain team has a place to store their terraform state files. By default a […]

Synapse Data Product Activation and Publishing

What means Activation and Publishing? In my context the activation of a data product (at least 1 outport) means 2 things to me: For the publishing of the data product I see the following thing: Technical Workflow Overview Here I describe the technical flow of developing and setting an azure synapse (jupiter notebook) based data […]

DevOps set Project, Repository and Pipeline Security via Pipeline

For a datamesh implementation, we need to be able to use a devops project as backbone. Take a look at the following architectural concept: The architecture shows that a Pipeline within the management project is setting permissions for the data domain repositories and pipelines. The following permissions for repositories can be set: Permission CLI Permission […]