Record Manipulation to SQL Datasource

Looking at MS documentation, they always recommend to integrate the power apps with the CDM (common data model) – as this brings many benefits sometimes I have the need of direct query usage to work with the SQL Server. E.g. a EventLog Table that “only adds” records and never updates them! So to add a […]

Qlik Global Calendar

Having a well structured calender within your qlikview app allows you to build faster charts and reports. Speak to your internal customers about their report layouts and you’ll see that most people have a common sense on how to combine data over time. Below you will find a list of fields which we recommend to […]

Hash Identifiers

Sometimes it is needed to hash identifiers, as they shouldn’t be readable by users and sometimes the fact that datamodels are faster by joining over integers makes the use of the following function really helpful: This function makes use of a trick – as m-language doesn’t allow a direct hashing. It generates a unique compressed […]

Power BI Calender Script

In order to have a global calendar, that can be shared between multiple datasets – I use the following m-script: