Azure Data Domain Setup

Landingzone Setup The data domain landing zone consists of: This data domain is currently able of hosting data products of the type: Management Ressource Group Service Principal Key Vault Storage Account The platform team deploys this storage account, so that the domain team has a place to store their terraform state files. By default a […]

Synapse Data Product Activation and Publishing

What means Activation and Publishing? In my context the activation of a data product (at least 1 outport) means 2 things to me: For the publishing of the data product I see the following thing: Technical Workflow Overview Here I describe the technical flow of developing and setting an azure synapse (jupiter notebook) based data […]

DevOps set Project, Repository and Pipeline Security via Pipeline

For a datamesh implementation, we need to be able to use a devops project as backbone. Take a look at the following architectural concept: The architecture shows that a Pipeline within the management project is setting permissions for the data domain repositories and pipelines. The following permissions for repositories can be set: Permission CLI Permission […]

How to retrieve a reference Value from a second table in PowerBI?

In some CRM-Systems (customer relationship management) they use seperate tables to store the key-value pairs for listboxes, radiobuttons and checkboxes. The situation can be described as by: we have a customer table that contains a column named GENDER_UID -> this is resolved within a reference table calles UC_TEXT (unicode text). It is linked by the […]

PowerApp Case Insensitive Search in ComboBox

If you wonder, why you can’t get the search box to lookup the values of the search term by ignoring the case you will have to find out, that you have to configure your datasource to allow this case insensitive filtering. I spend almost 1 hour to figure out the issue – anyhow – here […]

Power App Filter by Partial Text

When I tried to filter a column by a partial match I always revieced an error message. My first expression looked like: By using this expression I never got a match (e.g. CC in CCCUPJ) !!! After visiting a couple of forums and entries, the solution is as simple as this: You just have to […]

Add columns form other tables to collection

If you wanna add columns from other tables to a collection within power apps, this can be achieved by usding the “AddColumns” function. Dependend of the datasource, this can get pretty slow – anyhow for “smaller” references this is an acceptable way of doing this. To add columns (Lookup) from mutliple references, you need to […]

Power App update all items of a gallery

Sometimes it’s needed that you update all items within a actual gallery view – e.g. archive all records: There are other options using the “Update” command – anyhow, as I only needed the items of the current gallery and the list is usually not longer than up to 10 details, this does the job!

Power App adding reference record with just created record id

Very often you have to create a record and fill with the fresh created record id reference tables like logs, events and others. To do so within the power apps, you need to be able to fetch the record(s) which have been created with the latest patch function and access this information. The simplest scenario […]

Power Flow SQL Table Modified Trigger

If you use Microsoft Power Flow for automatisation within your company, you might have the need of starting a workflow or task in case an SQL-Server table got updated. To use this trigger, you need to add a column to your table which has the type: rowversion. For further information, pls. take a look at […]